Cisco Champions

I wrote a blog about Cisco Champion nominations a few weeks ago: this post. Today, november 15th, the first Cisco Champions are selected and I’m very honored and proud to let you know that I’m invited to the program!
I’ll keep you informed about the program and offcourse I keep blogging about the technologies and products I work with. This all to share the needed knowledge to everyone who needs it.
I want to thank everyone who nominated me for the program!

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Cisco Champion nominations

Cisco started the Cisco Champion program for people who are passionate about (Cisco) Datacenter technologies and love to share their knowledge with the rest of the world by blogging, twittering and other social media.
The nominations are open until oct 31th and it’s possible to nominate me and all other great bloggers we all check out regularly.
How to nominate?
Send your nomination to and make sure the text “Data Center” is in the message body.
All nominations are appreciated!
More information about the Cisco Champion program can be found here:

SSL certificates Apache / OpenSSL

A customer ordered a few webSSL certificates from a public certificate authority (in this case, Thawte). In one specific Windows server Apache with openSSL is used. It took me some time to figure out the complete proces for requesting and completing the certificate. This blog post is about the complete certificate proces: creating the certificate request till export of the certificate chain to a pfx file.
The first part is about requesting the certificate:
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