Cisco 3850 LAN Base license slow throughput

I was working on a installation and configuration of a C3850 switch with LAN base license.
What is in the name with LAN Base license…  As we all know from previous licenses (like 3750-X licenses), there is no routing available but… there is basic routing functionality available in the LAN base license for C3850 switches!
There are some limitations for routing with LAN base license though:

  • Maximum of 15 static routes
  • no routing protocols, only static routing

During the test phase of our implementation, we encountered performance issues:

  • File transfers inside VLAN’s: no issues
  • Inter-VLAN file transfers: slow throughput with a maximum of ~10Mb/s

I needed a TAC case for some more input about this issue, but the solution for this is easy: do a IOS upgrade…
Our switch was using IOS 03.02.02.SE and there is a known bug for this particular issue:
In lanbase intervlan-routing uses 100% software path
There is no workaround for the issue: a IOS upgrade to atleast 03.03 is required.
So, this slow throughput issue is not license based, but it’s “just” a bug.

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