Cisco ISE Part 5: Configuring wired network devices

This is a Cisco ISE blog post series with some how-to’s for configuring the ISE deployment, This blog post series exists of 10 parts.
The blogpost Agenda:
Part 1: introduction
Part 2: installation
Part 3: Active Directory
Part 4: High Availability
Part 5: Configuring wired network devices
Part 6: Policy enforcement and MAB
Part 7: Configuring wireless network devices
Part 8: Inline posture and VPN
Part 9: Guest and web authentication
Part 10: Profiling and posture
This week, part 5: Configuring wired network devices
First some terminology and guidelines:
Single host mode / Multi host mode. This defines 1 or multiple hosts on the switchport. Only the first device needs authentication.
Ports are authenticated first before any other traffic can pass.
802.1x is disabled in a SPAN port configuration, trunk ports, dynamic ports, dynamic access ports and etherchannels.
The windows client configuration can be pushed by a GPO. Configuration of this GPO is out of scope for this blog.
First, add the RADIUS clients in the ISE deployment.
Click: Administration – Network Resources – Network Devices and click Add. Enter the requested information:
Radius client1
Radius client2
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